Expo Material Submission Form

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Suggested materials include:

  • School logo
  • Zoom Link
  • Premade video link
  • PDF materials
  • Brochures
  • Application Links

Please note: This is not the time to re-invent the wheel. You do not need to create any new materials for this event. For the sake of time, it is best if all materials submitted are pre-existing, and pulled from your institution’s website. If you register for the event but do not submit this form before the deadline, your booth will be populated with materials and links from your institution’s site.

Attendee Contact Data

Get to know the Institution

Get to know the Institution

Please note that these are meant to be overarching areas of study, not individualized majors. If you feel that none of these options match the areas of study at your school, please use the “other” box below to add the missing areas. Click here to view a more detailed version of this list.

Media and Materials

Submit PDF Files to upload to your booth.
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