Frequently asked questions

PICU is an organization dedicated to educating transfer students and college transfer center coordinators about the numerous benefits available at private colleges and universities.

PICU fairs are unique from a typical transfer fair because we believe in the importance of reaching transfer advisors, along with students. 

For that reason, PICU fairs take place in two parts. Part one is a traditional transfer fair, where students are invited to interact with a variety of Private Colleges and Universities from the Illinois Area. 

Part two is a session dedicated to reaching transfer advisors from our various Community College partners. Each of our member institutions are  invited to present as many updates on the transfer process and experience at their school as they can, but they only have 3 minutes to speak. 

We work with most of the Community Colleges in Illinois! Keep checking back, a full directory of our Community College Partners is coming soon!

 If you currently represent a community college within Illinois, and are interested in partnering with us, shoot us an email at Picumail@gmail.com

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Yes! PICU member institutions are required to pay yearly dues in order to retain membership status. 

Dues are $300 for new members, and $200 for returning members.

You can reach us via email at picumail@gmail.com! 

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