Selena Contreras

Describe your college search process and how you ended up at Loyola University?

I wanted to attend a college that was affordable, focused on service, and close to home. Although I had other colleges in mind during my sophomore year of college, I knew that Loyola University was where my heart called. What prompted me to end up at Loyola was being a part of Arrupe College of Loyola University’s first class, the first Jesuit community college in the world. As decision day came closer I reflected on how grateful I was to be a part of the Loyola Community. All my classes were in Loyola’s Water Tower Campus and many of the Loyola values I have carried with me for two years that it only made sense to attend Loyola. Their dedication in serving those in need and being men and women for others made my decision easier.

What have you found to be the benefits of a private college/university?

One of the benefits in going to a private college/university is being surrounded with professors who not only give you lectures and tell you what to study but know how to teach their material. Therefore, the classes are more engaging. Private collages/universities also set high standards for the students whether it be in the classroom or clubs. I think setting high standards helps prepares us students for what the real world will be like. Lastly, I’d say that the student community can be very close because of that private college/university’s values or missions.

How did you find out about PICU? How did you find out about the PICU scholarship?

I found out about PICU and the PICU scholarship through my college placement Director.

What advice to you have for current community college students beginning their transfer process?

I would advise them not to be scared by the numbers they see on the total cost of tuition at any private college/university especially if it’s a place they are highly considering visiting or attending. Yes, it can be overwhelming but make sure to communicate with the college you want to attend. There are many resources offered to help students if they don’t have the financial part down. As well as apply, apply, and apply for scholarships! Even the ones with the smallest amount can make a big difference, so don’t be discouraged.

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